1. LC – LETTER OF CREDIT, import, and export, normally within 90 days.
  2. SBLC – STANDBY LETTER OF CREDIT, normally one year.
  3. DLC – DOCUMENTARY CREDIT, normally 90 days
  4. BG – BANK GUARANTEE, it can be up to three years
  5. RWA – READY WILLING AND ABLE, when the issuing bank communicates that the client has funds
  6. RMA – RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT APPLICATION, when 2 banks are connected
  7. POF – PROOF OF FUNDS, proof of funds for the client issued by a bank.


1.- In order to process the requests to obtain the guarantee, the applicant must attach the completed document corresponding to each type of the requested guarantee.




5.- Once the documents are received, verified and studied, you will receive an email from us indicating acceptance or rejection.

6.- The applicant will receive the name of the bank that is available to issue the guarantee. The applicant will then send an email in which he/she indicates the bank was accepted by the beneficiary.

a) .- If it is an LC, SBLC or DLC for the purchase and sale of merchandise, the applicant must attach the corresponding contract or invoice and complete BANK GUARANTEE REQUEST document-1.

b).- If it is a BG or SBLC, to guarantee financial operations, if there is no document that supports the operation, the applicant will attach a letter from the company indicating the reason. IMPORTANT: Attach the guarantee model required by the bank that will receive the SWIFT. Complete the BANK GUARANTEE APPLICATION-2.

c).- RWA, attach a copy of the credit line granted or document proving the need for the transaction. Complete the BANK GUARANTEE APPLICATION-2.

d) .- POF, attach document or letter of the reason for the request, signed and sealed. Complete the BANK GUARANTEE APPLICATION-2.

7.- If it is the first time that the applicant requires UCG’s services for banking procedures, UCG may request the client to pay a specific amount for the processing and study of the operation. If the operation is viable and the applicant does not carry it out within thirty days, UCG expenses will be considered without the right to refund. If the applicant performs the operation within a month of signing the application, in accordance with the rules and drafts provided by the bank, as well as after having satisfied the price established by the bank, the indicated amount will be deducted from the total agreed price.

8.- Next, the client / applicant will receive a draft of the SWIFT with all the data that was provided to us, as well as the legal texts, so that, if he/she is satisfied with all the content, he/she can return it signed and sealed to UCG as a sign of conformity, by email. If there is any difference or error, another draft is reissued, modifying the draft of the previous SWIFT and it is sent back to the applicant together with the data to make the transfer for the payment of the guarantee.

9.- The client / applicant of the guarantee has the obligation to verify the text of the draft thereof, send it to the beneficiary for approval indicating that he/she must send the text to the receiving bank so that there is no problem for its reception.

10.- This last modified draft must be signed and sealed as proof of conformity and must be sent to UCG together with a photocopy of the made transfer.

11.- Once the agreed amount has been received in the account, the SWIFT is sent to the beneficiary / recipient’s bank and a copy is sent to the applicant.


a) Once the SWIFT has been paid, there is no possibility of refunding the amount paid since the bank cannot reverse a guarantee sent to another bank.

b) UCG’s processing work with financial institutions, banks and credit entities ends once point 11 requirements have been met. WE REPEAT OUR  INTERMEDIATION JOB IS DONE.

c) If for any circumstance the guarantee issued by the bank, UCG (BG, SBLC, etc.) is not accepted by the beneficiary or the receiving bank, UCG is exonerated from any liability or claim that may be made to it for any reason.

d) If the client wishes to send another guarantee, she must carry out the procedures and meet the requirements of a new operation. THE GUARANTEES CANNOT BE MODIFIED ONCE THEY HAVE BEEN SENT TO THE RECEIVING BANK.

e) If there has been an error on the part of the applicant, another guarantee should be issued and meet the same requirements, paying the corresponding price.

f) If the error was made by UCG or the issuing bank, the new guarantee would not have any surcharge.